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10th Floor, 10 Argyle St, London WC1H 8EG

We’ve already told you about the Standard Hotel which opened in London. Ideally located across the street from Kings Cross / St Pancras station. Decimo is located on the 10th floor of the hotel (of course).

It all starts with a breathtaking view! Picture perfect !
A restaurant with Spanish and Mexican influences. Freshly reopened following Covid-19 lockdowns, we decided to go back. And we had forgotten how great everything was.

The decor transports you to a hippie chic sanctuary from the 70s: macrame curtains, cacti everywhere, fireplaces and large wooden sculptures. With huge ass windows all around.

Michelin-starred chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias has reinvented some classic dishes mixing items form Spain and Mexico such as croquettes (croquetas de jamón), chorizo ​​tacos or the excellent cauliflower taco.

But the highlight of the menu, is the simplicity of other dishes: rib of beef, Iberico pork, gambas rojas. Everything is grilled on the magnificent central grill that can be seen from dinning room. The monkfish was also amazing with a bit of smoked paprika on it. As a side, the fried potatoes with aioli were a delight.

The selection of tequila and mezcal is pretty crazy (over three pages). Of course we loved our Mezcal Margarita and the Aux Sour (their version of Pisco Sour) was delish.

PLAN B: if you can’t find a place at the bar, go up to the roof. They have just opened an outdoor rooftop.


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