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New York

The HiHi Room

138 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

This restaurant is a mix between a Tiki-bar and a diner. The decor is very hipster but in a good way.

On the menu, a very American comfort food kind of food: chicken wings, double hot dogs, fried chicken sandwich, fried calamari. Get the idea?

The cocktail list is really cool. Each cocktail is served in its own special glass and the recipes are surprising and interesting. We tested “Ants On a Log” made with peanut butter whiskey, “Rum & Cake” rum, coconut and cherry. And they have a “Martini Puttanesca” gin, capers and anchovies. But of course there is beer and organic wine!

PLAN B: The team behind The Hihi Room owns the  Court Street Grocers in Brooklyn and Manhattan, a kind of Deli/Bottega where you can grab a sandwich while shopping a selection of products from small producers in US.

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