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Los Angeles

The Butcher’s Daughter

1205 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

For a typical Californian breakfast or lunch, the Butcher’s Daughter is a must. Teleport yourself into a vegetarian, lactose-free bohemian coffee! The decor is a mix between Anthropolgie and a surf bungalow on the beach.

As a tourist, you will experience a typical LA scene: between models drinking a detox juice, people who just got  out of their yoga class or just a family from the neighborhood who comes for lunch.

Croissants and other pastries are excellent. Avocado toast, coconut yogurt and granola, accompanied by one of their freshly squeezed fruit juice. It’s the perfect combo to start the day.

You will also find pancakes, sandwiches, salads and in the evening, pizzas or other hot dishes.

PLAN B: They also have a food truck not too far away, on Venice Boulevard and three establishments in New York.

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