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Miss Favela

57 S 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Under the Williamsburg Bridge lies a little gem of South American culture in New York. If you feel like visiting Rio or Bahia for a few hours, Miss Favela is your go to.

We start of course with a pitcher of Caipirinha (be prepared to drink more than one) and then we choose a local specialty. We recommend the Picanha Fatiada Acebolada, beef cooked with onions, accompanied with vinaigrette (bell pepper and onion salad), farofa (manioc flour and bacon), feijao (black beans). If you are new to Brazilian food, it’s a must!

On the weekends, there is also live music. Just be careful, once you start to party and order pitchers, alcohol is not free obviously and credit cards are not accepted. They have an ATM machine in the restrooms. How convenient…

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