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7 Rue d’Édimbourg, 75008 Paris, France

Korean dumplings. Mandoobar is a little gem in Paris, in the 8tharrondissement. When we usually talk about Korean food, we think bulgogi or bibimbap. But this time the menu is a little different.

 A very tiny place, 20 seats. Everything is cooked in front of you. The décor is very simple and efficient: wood and bricks.

Mandoos are Korean dumplings: pork/beef, cabbage/tofu, beef bulgogi or kimchi.

There are, as well, three kinds of tartare. The beef  and the tuna tartar were just delicious. As a side you should get the Korean salad (cabbage, soybean, bell pepper, yellow radish).

As a dessert, you will find some homemade ice cream. We tried ginger/caramel and yuzu/Espelette chili.

The chef has a fun collection of Korean vinyl, which make a great soundtrack for the restaurant.

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