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New York

Jing Fong

202 Centre St, New York, NY 10013

No more banquet hall, the temple of kitsch, red drapes, gilt and chandeliers in the middle of Chinatown. The new location is more modern with neon circles, plants hanging from the ceiling, dark wood and a red linoleum floor.

You’ll have to give your name and wait your turn. But it’s worth the wait.

On the menu: dim sum and small dishes. No need to order, here the food comes to you. Orange-clad waitresses push carts full of food. Now you can choose your feast.
Shrimp shumai, pork, vegetables, lotus rice (cooked in banana leaves), chun fung (Chinese rice pancakes), pork ribs, small fried fish. But if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s also chicken feet and tripes.

PLAN B: if you’re looking for more Chinese dishes, our other favorite Chinatown restaurant Joe’s Shanghai isn’t far away.

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