Austin in Brooklyn. One of the best BBQs we’ve ever eaten at is located in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood, in an old warehouse. This restaurant is the place to go if you’re craving beef brisket.

A sort of large garage with tables, people are lining up for the food and of course they have a nice bar serving all kinds of craft beers.

The place is really nice and is worthy of a Texas address.

You order your meat by the weight and receive it on a tray. We loved the beef brisket and their Korean-style pork ribs. Their side may not be the stars of the menu, but they’re good nonetheless: collard greens, cole slaw and mac’n’cheese.

If you go for lunch, the sandwiches are incredible. The turkey sandwich (H.T.B.C) with its brioche bun is a real treat.

PLAN B: if it’s too crowded, just next door you can go for meatballs at IKEA.