2 St James’s Market, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4RP

A sustainable concept, “nose-to-tail” and “root-to-stem”.

Will Murray and Jack Croft, two young chefs based in London, have opened a neo-cuisine style restaurant in the midst of Covid-19 and this place will surprise you.

It all starts with the mushroom parfait made with mushrooms that (of course) are growing in the restaurant’s cellar. A delight!

Then the cod head is presented as a piece of art. The goal is to take simple ingredients and turn them into something surprising. It feels like being at the MOMA in front of a Jackson Pollock. The cod head is served with homemade Sriracha butter. Well, you really have to work to get some flesh out of the head, but it’s really good.

Cabbage confit with black garlic is also a must.

The marrowbone brioche with its whipped salmon belly is oddly refreshing in a good way.

There is also a vegetarian burger (50% of the menu is vegetarian) and a regular beef one (which was really, really good). Apparently the burgers had been on the takeout menu since the first lockdown and had become one of the favorite dishes of the customers.

But our favorite was the CORN RIBS, the crunchiness, the seasoning… Amazing !

The decor is quite cold, industrial with plants and dried seaweed falling from the ceiling. And an amazing huge open kitchen.

PLAN B: they have created a range of products that they sell: their homemade Sriracha sauce as well as their Kombu spice mix to make corn ribs at home.


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