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85 Rue de la Roquette, 75011 Paris

Former horse butcher’s shop transformed into a sandwich shop. For a delicious casse-croûte near Bastille. The line already promises some greatness; the owner is a former from le  Dauphin (a top restaurant in the 11th)!

Ideally you should arrive early to have plenty of choice. The classic ham and butter (Prince de Paris and Saint-Nectaire) is a classic. The chicken pot-au-feu, mayo, salad sandwich was so good. There is also one with breaded chicken, tarragon-curry mayo…

There is also a daily special (like endives with ham), tortilla de patata for fans of eggs and potatoes and a nice choice of salads that you order by the weight.

PLAN B: There are only a few stools on site. But the Canal Saint-Martin and its docks is not far away and perfect for a picnic.

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