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New York

Cafe Select

212 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

Are you in New York and want to try something exotic? We recommend a small Swiss bistro.

Hell yes, I said Swiss! Ideally located in the heart of Soho on Lafayette Street. Cafe Select is the perfect place for a drink, lunch or a great meal with friends.

There are typical Swiss dishes: cheese fondue, veal sausage and rösti, Zurich veal (with its mushroom and cream sauce). But also salads and an excellent selection of oysters and fresh fish.

We love to start with the zucchini chips. In winter, we like their mulled wine, the ski wasser (elderberry and vodka lemonade) or the hot toddies!

PLAN B: If you want a private party, you can book the backroom. You have to go through the kitchen to access it. It’s kind of a speakeasy …

Cafe Select

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