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Café de la Fonderie – Ben & Léo

Route de la Fonderie 11, 1700 Fribourg

Two dudes who are revolutionizing the Swiss cuisine, in Fribourg. Almost almost 30 years old, these two childhood friends, have opened (in just three years) three establishments.

At the Café de la Fonderie (opened in 2016), Ben and Léo focus on inventive, local and fresh food. The tasting menu changes approximately every four weeks. And is of course created with in mind: the seasons, what the nature has to offer or local traditions (the Bénichon, the harvest…). We have tested the Bénichon menu, which was a revamped  version of the traditional menu. It was just delicious.

The tasting menu is a choice of 4, 5 or 6 plates with a few more surprises. You can pair it with a wine menu as well. Small winemakers are mainly selected. They also try to shake things up, you can end up having a cider for dessert or an orange wine for the starter. 

On Wednesdays and Thursdays evenings, you can also opt for the FUNKY menu (starter-main-dessert) for only 55 CHF. A theme that changes every two weeks: Asia, Italy, vegetarians, the Orient, …

PLAN B: And if you have not managed to book a table for your desired day, they have two other establishments in town: Kumo-Asian Lab or Jo.-Neighborhood bar.


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