One reason to go to East Williamsburg, an amazing Chinese-American fusion restaurant, almost located under the BQE. It looks like a diner/apartment with a simple, contemporary decor: white, wood and tiles.

Young Brooklyn chef Calvin Eng has created dishes inspired by Hong Kong street food and the American culture.

Mc Rib stabbed with a knife, shrimp and candied walnut salad, rolled rice noodles with their excellent XO sauce. Fuyu Caccio Pepe Mein where fermented beancurd is added to this classic dish, crispy squid with homemade Chinese ranch. We didn’t try the stuffed rainbow trout fishcake, but had the cold poached chicken served with broth and rice. Everything was delicious!

Their cocktails are also excellent! You should try their Long Island Iced Tea…

PLAN B: before or after, make a stop at Union Pool, a classic for a beer or two.