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Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron

Route de l’Abbaye 2, 1053 Montheron

Located in the woods of Jorat, the Abbey was built in 1142 and it is in 2011 after some transformations that the auberge reopened to the public. We are far from a usual “Mister Plan B” selection. Here the prices are a bit higher.

On the menu, fine food created with local products. The food is inspired by the medieval history of the place. But they also use surprising ingredients! Imagine a filet of duck with Cenovis (Swiss version of Marmite) or a beef filet with Bénichon mustard (a typical spread made in the Canton of Fribourg with spices, pears, mustard seeds)  with vanilla parsnips.

We also appreciate the selection of drinks: local beers that come from the Jorat, Mead or even wine made from walnuts.

If you can not afford a tasting menu, we recommend the lunch special, which is 39 Frs!

The setting is out of the ordinary and the food is delicious! It’s only 10 minutes from Lausanne … so go!


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