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Auberge de Beaulieu

Avenue Bergières 15, 1004 Lausanne

The Auberge next to the Collection de l’Art Brut, in Lausanne, got a brand-new facelift. New team, new interior design and new concept. Colorful mural, cozy mezzanine, great restaurant back room.

If the weather is nice, you have to seat in the patio. It is like a bright colorful beer garden in the shade of Plane trees. There even is a Ping-Pong table if you feel like playing like Roger.

We will start with a small batch beer home brewed by the brother of one of the owners, casually named “la Bière de Mon Frère” (the beer of my bro). You can as well select a home-made iced tea. Then choose some small plates to share: hummus, meat board or feta cheese.

Mickey (the hipster chef who probably fishes by hand) cooks a very rock’n’roll cuisine with some great flavoring and always brings a new twist to some classics. Inspired by his Bulgarian roots and all the travels he has done. Everything is delicious: halloumi, breaded swiss tomme, fish from the Lake Geneva or cheeseburgers. Everyone will find something to eat. There even is a quinoa salad with red beats.

Alvaro (the Latino lover) will fix you an amazing cocktail. He is obviously one of the best mixologists in Lausanne.

If you stop by Lausanne for a couple hours, you have to stop by Auberge de Beaulieu.

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