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Jackson Wyoming

Anvil Hotel 

215 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001

A little trip through Yellowstone National Park or a little ski session in Jackson Hole?

We recommend this little gem not far from the southern exit of the park. The Anvil Hotel is a completely renovated 1950’s motel located in the very charming town of Jackson, Wyoming.

50 rooms that mix a “Brooklyn vibe” and the style of the American West. Pieces of furniture and decorative elements are created by craftsmen or small brands, which makes this hotel really special. 

The establishment has a restaurant called Glorietta Trattoria, which of course serves pasta but also great cuts of local meat.

It also has a cafe that doubles as reception and shop, Mercantile & Coffee. Their selection is really great.

PLAN B: They also have next door a hostel with dorms, Cache House.

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