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Los Angeles

Angel City Brewery

216 S Alameda St, Los Angeles

A brewery in a building from 1913, located in the Art District, Downtown LA. The John A. Roebling building (created by the company of the same name that made the cables for the Brooklyn and Golden Gate Bridge) is a graffiti covered building, home to the Angel City Brewery.
It’s the perfect place to go for a beer or five. Brewed in Los Angeles, the production is done on site. Their classics: L.A. Blonde, Angel City IPA, Sunbather …

But they like to experiment and each time you will find limited edition beers: Avocado Ale, Srirachelada (chili pepper), That Voodoo That Yuzu (aged 10 months in tequila casks).

The place is large, on several levels, beergarden tables, sofas. It’s a great place to have a good time.

PLAN B: If you’re feeling hungry, Downtown Tacos is in the backyard. But they are very chill with the food policy and you can order and have your favorite restaurant delivered to you.

Angel City Brewery

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