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Franklin BBQ

900 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702, United States

We tried, what is supposed to be “one of the best BBQ in the world”. First you will have to wake up early: people start lining up at 10.30am. And at around 3pm, once they are sold out, they close the restaurant.

You will be on line for approximately an hour. But it is worth it!

Don’t worry, as soon as you get closer and you enter the restaurant, someone will take your order for drinks. The time will pass faster with a beer in hand.

Tables and chairs are spread out all over the place and they even have a small patio. Everything is very “hipstery”.

Ribs, pulled pork, beans, slaw. If you have never really tried BBQ (yeah you could be from Essex…). This is where you have to have your first tray of BBQ. You will buy the meat by the pound. Half a pound (250gr) and some ribs. So good!

And it is not too far from the Capitol. So before or after your meal, you can be a real tourist!

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