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5 Leaves

18 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Put your Red Wings on and head to 5 Leaves in Greenpoint!

Wood, portholes, rope: a very rustic feel. 5 Leaves was, before it opened, the project of the late actor Heath Ledger. The team that built Moto in Williamsburg is also behind the decor of this triangle shaped restaurant.

American food with Australian touches that you can enjoy starting for breakfast with homemade granola or divine pancakes.The “house” burger is famous, kale is of course part of the menu, whether in salad or to accompany a main course. There are also fresh oysters and good cheese.

No need to tell you that brunches are very popular and we had to wait a little before we managed to sit down. But the cocktails are tasty, the wait will pass much faster. 

This Summer, they just opened 5 Leaves in Downtown Los Angeles !


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